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  • Mood: Astonished
  • Listening to: Viva La Vida - Coldplay
  • Reading: Parisian Kvass AU (yes that shall be the name)
  • Watching: Lets Plays n stuff
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So because I'm bored, I'll just make a status of all(some) the adoptables I own 'n shit.

Luna Chevalier org des by Venderitsch by Unknownmarksman115Luna Chevalier: ALMOST EVERYONE KNOWS ABOUT HER BY NOW. Our loveable lil paranoid train wreck of a French Templar cheshire kitty. I should just photoshop cat ears and a tail for the lols. Person I got this from is an awesome artist and made cool dreamselfy designs. She apparently deactivated. :c Luna's like the first adoptable I ever got, and of course, since RP Stalker and I always noticed adoptables are often forgotten for the most part, she made a bet on how long I'll be able to remember. Then I introduced her to the RP Madness. And then she became a spotlight character, especially with charcoalfeather's notorious AUs with me: YuriyxLuna

Keiko Murai by Unknownmarksman115 Reiko Murai by Unknownmarksman115 Keiko Murai & Reiko Murai: These two's stories were in jeopardy for three months. Keiko was immediately adopted. Reiko was put on hold when said artist was on hiatus to finish her finals. So because of this, I made another draft of Keiko's story in case her sister was not to be adopted, but that was not the case thankfully, and after being curious and asking, Reiko was finally confirmed. I only drew these two once, and I planned to draw them more. Thankfully, at least PictureOnProgress draws them from time to time, so I don't forget about them, after all, who'd say no to two kitsune shrine maidens?
Bella Noir by Unknownmarksman115 Bella Noir: lol funny thing about her, I've made more bookmarks about her, but never posted them. :/ She made her debut in charcoalfeather's RP with me for a brief moments, often painting and having an anti social, Picasso mentality. RP Stalker wanted me to draw her drawing Luna. Or even better, DRAW HER DRAWING ME DRAWING LUNA o: 

Aleska Kuzia by Unknownmarksman115 Aleska Kuzia: Newest edition to my hoard of adoptables I have a problem I blame Luna. Our Polish witch here made a surprising debut in, once again, charcoalfeather's RP, this time, after YuriyxLuna, it was KirillxAleska (French Alaska, according to RP Stalker). She's an artifact hunter and is about 400 yrs old. I was planning her to be depressing, then came this AU. :stare: inb4 RP Stalker's nickname for her: Kurwa (B)Witch
Esterella Corvacho by Unknownmarksman115 Estrella Corvacho: I watched too much GoT when I made her bio. This Spanish templar's killed her three other sisters to usurp herself to power, assassinated other key Templar Senate members, causing the Second Holy Civil War. Her main competition is Amethyst, but because the two are sorta partners and do business, and sometimes "help" each other, then end up just having a Cold War. However, give or take some years, Amethyst had her assassinated in the end. I believe PictureOnProgress Has drawn her once or twice. :shrug:
Adalwulf Degare by Unknownmarksman115 Adalwulf Degare: A Prussian professional soldier, he started out as a Hessian, starting out fighting out the Americans in the American Revolution, until he defected and was hired to fight the British. By WW2, he lost many of his friends and family, resigning to just be a pharmacist, until Black River PMC was formed. He's one of Lauren's generals.  

Cecile LaCroix by Unknownmarksman115 Cecile LaCroix: Manipulative and smart, she became a prominent Templar senate member, and is also the boss of Luna, Raven, and Michelle. She made a brief appearance in the early stages of charcoalfeather's YuriyxLuna RP (if it could be called that back then, seeing how she wanted to kill him). I did sketch her, but it's unfinished..... FUCK 

Masa Kuno by Unknownmarksman115 Masa Kuno: One of the original 10 Star Kitsunes. A special ability of his is to create stars and constellations. He's a good friend and mentor to the Murai Sisters. I also made a sketch of him, and need to color it, BUT TOO FUCKING LAZY

Cromwell Sisters and Azrael by Unknownmarksman115 Nadine, Isabel, Elizabeth Cromwell, and Azrael Grigori: Holy shit, these four took fucking FOREVER to adopt, mainly because these four came in a set of 100 WTA/OTA/DTA Free-For-All adoption thingy. And because of this, the author took so long to approve and make official of adopts. The three sisters are in some royal family, to hard to explain, Nadine becomes general, Elizabeth is the heir, and Isabel is the local celebrity everyone loves, and they try bringing peace to the other royal families who are at war. And Azrael is a fallen angel who fought in the Angelic War, and was imprisoned in stone for four thousand years.

Clarise Montenegro by Unknownmarksman115Clarise Montenegro: She was a custom adopt I requested, only being limited to a few description words: Victorian, neko, purple, so I didn't really know what to expect, must say she's adorable. Not a cheshire kitty, but is a a singer that was born in 1900, and became a hit in the 20s. She travels from place to place singing with her soothing voice. PictureOnProgress has drawn her before, and she might appear in charcoalfeather's RP, depending on what happens and where our characters go...

Albus Aleric Wulfric by Unknownmarksman115 Albus Aleric Wulfric: Idk wtf I was thinking when I got him, RP Stalker kept begging me to get him. Only thing I have is that he's a British Templar of sorts. Oh yeah, he wears a cliche eye patch to cover that left eye of his. Fantastic. :I

Belladonna Noir by Unknownmarksman115Airianne Noir by Unknownmarksman115Belladonna Noir & Airianne Noir: They both work for Kat and Aiko, and appeared briefly in PictureOnProgress's RP with me.

Alice Allison by Unknownmarksman115Caroline Allison by Unknownmarksman115Alice Allison & Caroline Allison: Both the heir to a big corporation in England and are also royalty of sorts. Not gonna elaborate on their stories, but they're sorta opposites despite their facial expressions (Caroline should be more bubbly and happy). 
Katsu by Unknownmarksman115 Katsu: Idk wtf to do with him and what I was doing when I got him, I might give him away. :I

Kurami by MelancholyCyborg1 Karumi: An adoptable I got off MelancholyCyborg1, back when we really didn't know each other. You'd think I'd forgotten her? Nope. I have made a few concept sketches, but haven't inked or colored. She's already got a story, and is one of the main enemies and imprisoned Azrael. 
Emi by Unknownmarksman115 Emi: Some entertainer that also works with Clarise, idk. something.

Probably the longest journal I've ever made. So now you know about my adoptables. GG m80s


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Oh hello there person who somehow stumbled upon my page! I was pretty sure the camo netting and paint hid this place well! D:
Not much I can say about myself, I draw manga and also a gamer. I love history and weapons, owning a few rifles myself.
I take a long time when drawing, so I don't really do requests or anything. xD
I don't care much for religion/politics/sexuality/race etc. here on the internet, of course when I feel like entertaining myself with an argument. lool go for it
Will often come to this site at random times and reply to messages at random.
Been working on a story with over 200 characters so far, and only a handful drawn so far. :/

Have fun looking at my works.

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"The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world. So, wake up, Mr. Freeman. Wake up and smell the ashes." - G-man

Have fun reading the junk below c:

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